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Equal Housing Lender. Equal Housing Opportunity. This is not a commitment to lend.

Franklin Credit Management Corporation is licensed, registered or exempt from licensing or registration to engage in servicing activities as follows: Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System ID: 2102; Arizona Mortgage Banker License No. 0910281; Arizona Collection Agency License No. CA-0927619; Arizona Escrow Agent License No.: EA-0927620; Alaska Collection Agency License No. 447; Arkansas Combination Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer License No. 15287; Arkansas Collection Agency License No.3335; California Real Estate License No.01420424; Colorado Supervised Lender's License No. 988415; Colorado Collection Agency License No. 991837; Connecticut Collection Agency License No. 27187; District of Columbia Mortgage Lender License No.MLB 2102; Florida Mortgage Lender License No. ML D786; Florida Consumer Collection Agency Registration No. CCA 9902149; Florida Commercial Collection Agency License No. COM9900205; Georgia Mortgage Lender License No. 20681; Hawaii Mortgage Servicer License No.: 067; Hawaii Mortgage Servicer Loan Modification License No. HI-2102; Hawaii Collection Agency License No. COLAX 436; Idaho Regulated Lender License No. RRL- 4728; Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee MB6759901; Illinois Collection Agency License No. 017.021146; Illinois (City of Chicago Debt Collector License, License No.: 2279243); Indiana Collection Agency License No. 08-0070 CA; Iowa Mortgage Banker License MBK-2004-0120; Iowa Master Loan Company Registration, License No.: 88880284; Iowa Nonresident Regulated Loan License No. NRR-2005-0173; Iowa UCCC Certification of Notification; Kansas Supervised Loan License No. SL.0000259; Kansas UCCC Certificate of Notification No. NOY.0006570; Kentucky Mortgage Loan Company License No. MC13716; Louisiana Collection Agency Registration No. 36577301I; Louisiana Consumer Credit Loan Notification NOT 483-10747; Maine Loan Servicer Registration No. SVR7801; Maine Debt Collection License No. DCL10192; Maryland Mortgage Lender License No. 14054; Massachusetts Debt Collector License No. DC1194; Michigan First Mortgage Servicer License No. FL 0010247; Michigan First Mortgage Service Registrant, No.: FR0017767; Michigan Secondary Mortgage Servicer Registrant No. SR 0010248; Michigan Collection Agency License Permit No. 2401002414; Minnesota Residential Mortgage Servicer License No. MN-MS-20431761; Minnesota Collection Agency License No. 40125662; Mississippi Mortgage Company Lender License No.2102; Missouri Residential Mortgage Loan Broker License No. 10-1933-S; Nebraska Mortgage Banker License No. 1524; Nebraska Collection Agency Exemption Letter; New Hampshire Mortgage Servicer Registration No. 10431-MS; New Jersey Collection Agency Bond Reg. 5027; New Mexico Collection Agency License No. 01058; New York City Debt Collection Agency License No 1163777; Buffalo, New York Debt Collection Agency License No. 548544; New York Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration, Registration Certificate No. RMS 001410.; New York Real Estate Broker License No.109926515; City of Yonkers, Collection Agency License No. 9370; Nevada Loan Servicer Registration No. 3470; Nevada Certificate of Registration as Foreign Agency, License No.:FCA10250; North Carolina Collection Agency License No. 102122; North Carolina Mortgage Servicer License No. S-146054; North Dakota Collection Agency License No. CA 101800; Ohio Mortgage Loan Act Registration No. SM 501244.000; Oklahoma Mortgage Broker License No. MB001596; Oregon Collection Agency License No. 49407; Puerto Rico Mortgage Loan Licensee No. IH-113; Puerto Rico Collection Agency License No. SJ-15405-AC; Rhode Island Debt Collector Registration No. 20143001DC; South Carolina Supervised Lender License No. S- 6422; South Carolina-BFI Mortgage Servicer License, License No.: MLS-2102South Dakota Mortgage Lender Business License No.4611; Tennessee Mortgage License No. 109271; Tennessee Collection Service License No. 1365; Texas Regulated Loan License No. 47288; Texas Third Party Debt Collection Bond No. 1929807; Vermont Loan Servicer License, License No.: 2102-1Utah Residential First Mortgage Notification; Utah Collection Agency License No.6221815-0131; Washington Collection Agency License No. 602-343-851; Washington Consumer Loan Company License, License No.: CL-2102; West Virginia Mortgage Lender License ML-22165; West Virginia Collection Agency License No. 1051-3103; Wisconsin Mortgage Banker License, License No. 492; Wyoming Supervised Lender License No. SL-2301; Wyoming Collection Agency License No. 644

Franklin Credit Management Corporation has an office at 101 Hudson Street, 25th Floor Jersey City, NJ 07302. The main office number is (201) 604-1800.