Franklin Credit About Us

Franklin Credit Management Team

  • Chairman - Thomas J. Axon

Thomas Axon is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Franklin Credit. Mr. Axon served as the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer from 1994 until 2000. Since 1985, Mr. Axon has been the President and principal owner of RMTS Associates, LLC. Mr. Axon holds a BA in Economics from Franklin and Marshall College and attended the New York University Graduate School of Business.

  • Information Technology – John N. Maloupis

John Maloupis is the Vice President of the Information Technology department. Mr. Maloupis joined Franklin Credit in May 2011, and has held similar IT leadership positions over the last 20 years in public and private financial companies. John is responsible for all aspects of enterprise information technology with primary focus on supporting the expansion of market presence of Franklin Credit while solidifying control over the firm’s technology assets. Mr. Maloupis holds a BA from the City University of New York at Brooklyn College.

  • Chief Operating Officer – Glenn Murphy

Glenn Murphy is the Senior Vice-President of the Asset Recovery and REO departments. The Asset Recovery department oversees the filing, enforcement and collection of money judgments. The REO (real estate owned) department, is responsible for managing or disposing of properties acquired through foreclosure in an orderly, timely, and cost-efficient manner in order to maximize clients’ returns on assets, and coordinates property preservation for all first-lien properties serviced by the company and the administration of the company’s Property Inspection and Homeowner Relief programs. Mr. Murphy joined Franklin Credit in 1998, and has had various roles in loan acquisitions, REO and Asset Recovery. A former U.S. Marine, Mr. Murphy graduated from Pace University, and holds a BA in Accounting, as well as an MBA (finance) with honors from the Pace/Lubin School of Business.